Need of Custom URL

Custom URLs receive up to 39% more click-through than generic short links. This is because people feel better about clicking on a link which features a brand name. You can gain this trust by customizing your short links to indicate where your link will lead.

When sharing custom URLs online, keep in mind the length limitations of social media platforms. These two sites are the most restrictive social media sites.
  • Twitter truncates links which go above 32 characters.
  • LinkedIn replaces URLs which exceed 26 characters with a link.
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Some More Benefits of Custom Links

Sharing a custom URL online

When choosing a keyword for custom URL which will be shared, you can use this as an opportunity to communicate information about the page the link leads to.

Sharing a custom URL offline

Custom URLs can also be printed on flyers, business cards, posters, billboards or t-shirts and these URLs may leave impressions on users mind.

Custom URLs for marketing

Custom URLs are great for reading aloud during keynote presentations, radio appearances, podcasts, live streams and networking events.

Some of its features

Custom URL is useful in many ways:

1. Custom URLs for media appearances and events

When used correctly, custom URLs can benefit your business well beyond boosting visibility, trust and awareness. Take advantage of the ability to edit and control your short links by enhancing them for each platform or place you use them.

2. Sharing Custom URLs

When choosing a keyword for custom URLs which will be shared online or offline, you can use this opportunity to communicate information about the page the link leads to. This will build trust, encourage click-throughs and reduce your sites bounce rate as prospects will know exactly what to expect when they arrive on your site.

Do not forget about SEO

You should also keep in mind the target keyword of the webpage you are sharing. Featuring this keyword in your custom URL can help optimize it for search engines.
For example, below, the keyword in our short link corresponds with the keyword of the page it leads to

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